Coos County Friends of Public Health

Coos County Friends of Public Health
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Your donations help the Friends support public health services and initiatives which help our community members. We are currently raising funds for the WIC nutrition program. Select WIC on the program dropdown on the donation screen. We thank you!

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To promote health in Coos County through enhancement of local public health services.

The Coos County Friends of Public Health (CCFoPH) is a non-profit 501c3 organization supporting services to people in our community through Coos Health & Wellness. These services include the promotion of healthy families through programs such as the WIC nutrition program, and Babies First! / Parents As Teachers home visiting services; clinic services such as immunizations, and reproductive health services; and educational projects and activities.

Purpose of the Friends of Public Health

To promote an understanding of the public health needs of communities in Coos County, including vulnerable populations, and the availability of services to address those needs;

To increase community collaboration to achieve public health goals and to provide public health services;

To encourage volunteer involvement in local public health activities;

To educate about public health issues; and

To generate resources in fulfillment of our mission. Membership dues, and individual and corporate donations sustain CCFoPH, and enable us to raise funds, and receive grants for projects and programs which are administered through Coos Health & Wellness.


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Your support through your dollars and volunteer time help us make a difference in the health of our
communities in Coos County.

Members can participate in public health events, support our public health program and be part of the
board and other important committees that support the work of the CCFoPH.

Members receive a quarterly newsletter to keep up to date on all that the Friends are doing.

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