Coos County Public Health Superstars 2008-2023

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2023 (See more details)

Sam Baugh

Advanced Health

Sam is a strong supporter and advocate for public health in our community and brings this perspective to his role at Advanced Health as he works with the community members and service providers.

Ralph Mohr

Master Swimmers of Coos County

Ralph has maintained a massive email list of local swimmers who he keeps informed with information critical for swimmers.

Laura Philips

Coos Health & Wellness Home Visiting Program

She is a key player in the success of the Babies First! and Care Coordination home visiting programs.

Jeremy Pittz

Bay Area Hospital

Jeremy has been the ultimate community liaison for BAH throughout the pandemic. He organized and worked multiple events to meet the needs of the community.

Jen Shafer

United Way of Southwestern Oregon

As the Executive Director of the United Way of Coos and Curry Counties, Jen Shafer has shown outstanding leadership and ability to mobilize the community.

Matt Vorderstrasse

North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Authorities

Matt looks beyond the moment to really bring information and focus to housing issues in our community.


Ko-Quell Wellness Center

Coquille tribe

The Ko-Kwell Wellness Center is dedicated to the whole person and is open to the public focused on blending health, wellness, and culture to improve access to health care and increase dental services for the community at large.

Bay Cities Ambulance

Bay Cities Ambulance

Provided community repid testing inv arious locations in Coos County and handling vaccinations in long term care facilities for seniors at their residences.

Chief Mark Anderson

Coos Bay Fire Department

Supported Covid vaccine clinics for Coos Health & Wellness and volunteers during the pandemic for vaccinations for the community at large.

Kat Burgess, Renee’ Menkens, RN

Coos County Medical Reserve Corps

Kat helped make sure volunteers were ready for the covid vaccine PODs (Points of Distribution) by making them efficient and effective.

Renee’ Menkens, RN, provided Covid vaccines for community members at the PODs and Farmers Market as well as aboard ships for foreign sailors.

Lena Hawtin, RN

Coos Health & Wellness

Lena coordinated vaccine and supplies for the PODs during Covid vaccinations throughout the county. She managed oversight of vaccine safety issues for storage and distribution.

Kelsey Orr, RN and Becky Fairhurst, RN

Coos Health & Wellness

Kelsey and Becky provided hours of service in contact tracing one of the key elements in the Covid response in Coos County. They served as team leads for all investigators for Public Health.

John Lemos

Kids Hope Center

John has volunteered at the KHC for the past five years to support children and adults who have experienced trauma in their lives. He also volunteers as a co-facilitator of the Darkness to Light curriculum educating the community about child sexual abuse.

Stephanie Polizzi

OSU Extension Family and Community

Stephanie works tirelessly to educate the community about nutrition and conducted research about nutrition and cancer reduction in the WECAN (Wellness Education for Cancer Nutrition) study.

Alyssa Pruess

Zonta Club for Southwest Oregon

Alyssa researched and designed The Sex Talk website to make reliable and accurate sex education available to the community. This website is a resource to help prevent unplanned pregnancies, promote sexual health, reduce sexually transmitted infections, and educate young people about services and resources available to them.

Barbara Van Slyke

Bay Area Hospital Cancer Center

In 2003 Barbara saw a need and began seeing patients who had no access to medical care. In 2003 she and others secured federal funding and Waterfall Health Clinic was established as a Federally Qualified Health Center in 2003. She was on the board of directors for 10 years. She recently retired from Bay Area Hospital Cancer Center as an oncology nurse.


Patrick Wright

Operation Rebuild Hope

Created programs to support veterans in Coos County.

Kim Singh, President

Coos County Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Supported education about disaster preparedness and training in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations

Phillip Nel, Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager & Michael Burton, VISTA

Coos Health & Wellness, Coos County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

They develop trainings for MRC members, seek funding to develop supply resources needed for emergency situations, and work with county and state government to assure Coos County is well versed in disaster management and that our MRC is ready to serve, when and if, needed.

Bernarda Liggett

Coos Elderly Services

Directly helping those in need, and comfort in the continuation of Coos Elderly Services mission to promote the dignity and security of vulnerable people who need assistance in managing their financial affairs.

Dale Hodge

South Coast Together

A community member who supports the work of SCT in educating the public about adverse childhood experiences with the goal to support a healthy Coos county.


Kate Frame

Local Alcohol Drug Planning Committee

Supported regional prescription drug overdose prevention project.

Ann Marineau

Madison Elementary School

Manager of the Madison Community Garden as an option for healthy foods for school age children and their families

Becky and Grant Crim

American Cancer Society

Volunteer to educate us about cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, and also to raise funds to fight cancer

Rick Wetherell, Mayor

North Bend City Council

Recognized for helping to support health for families through creating healthier environments with no smoking signs in city parks.


Char Luther, Director

New Community Coalition

Provided leadership about housing and vulnerable people in Coos County

Patty Sanden, Jeanette Sinclair, Robin Reed and Chelsea Schoeppner and their dogs Auggie, Leah, Vixey, Utah and Molly

The Coos County Search & Rescue Dog Team Unit

The team leads searches that can occur at night, under darkness, and in all types of weather.

Linda Furman Grile, Director

South Coast hospice & Palliative Care Services, Inc.

Created of the area’s first community-based non-profit hospice program

Linda Maxon, Director

Coast Community Health Center

A leader in bringing quality, low-cost, accessible health care to the people of Bandon and south to Langlois and Port Orford


Elizabeth Spona

Connect the Boardwalks

Created awareness and support for the Coos Waterfront Park and Walkway

Jennifer Groth & Stephanie Kramer

Coos Bay City Council 2016 & Mayor Crystal Shoji

Supported ordinances expanding smoking bans at all city owned developed parks.

Joanne Shorb, Director

Kid’s Hope Center

Supported education to help the public understand what child abuse is and how this impacts our community.

Gail McClave, MD

Bandon Community Health Center

Volunteer and support for lab grade vaccine refrigerator for Coos Health & Wellness

Carla McKelvey, MD

FEARsome Clinic

Provided physical, dental and mental health screenings for Coos County foster parents and the children they serve

Tara Johnson, Director

Nancy Devereux Center

Provided support for the homeless population of Coos County


Charlie Possee

The Power’s Lion’s Club

Acknowledged for their efforts to encourage active living through the Tour de Fronds cycling event.

Audrey Duke, FNP

North Bend Medical Center (NBMC)

Served at the first walk in clinic at NBMC and board member for Crossroads Community Cafe

Pat Dudas, FNP

Coos Health & Wellness & Coquille Tribal Health Clinic

Advocate for breast and cervical cancer screening

Phil Greenhill, CEO

Western Oregon Advanced Health

Vision and collaboration with Coos Health & Wellness in development of new campus

Anna Marie Slate

Western Oregon Advanced Health

President of Community Advisory Committee and raised awareness of health issues affecting vulnerable populations

Florence Pourtal-Stevens, Administrator

Coos Health & Wellness

Supported for work to revitalize the Community health Improvement Plan


Karen Brown, RN

Coos Bay School District

Started Shoes that Fit program and coordination of Ready to Smile Program

Susan Fox & Ethel German, co-founders & Kathy Walsh, RN & Susan Walker, RN, Director

Crossroads Café & Southwester Oregon Community College Nursing program

Collaboration to support inexpensive hot meals for anyone and nursing student run health clinics

Jardin Kazaar, RN & Kristen Hoefer

Black Market Gourmet

Educating the community about healthy eating

Betty Albertson

Western Oregon Advanced Health

The Community Advisory Council was acknowledged for their work to improve the health of WOAH members


Stephen Groth, MD

Coos County Health Department

Provided reproductive services for low income women in family planning clinic

Donna Rabin, MD & Jon Yost, MD

Community Connections Network

Coordinated care for children with special needs

Tom Holt, DDS

Ready to Smile Program/Neighborhood Dentist Program

Contributions to children dental health

Brent Pahls, DDS, Heidi Pahls, DDS, & Herman Pahls, DDS

Ready to Smile Program/Neighborhood Dentist Program

Donated dental care services to school age children


Maud Capps, MA

Bandon Community Health Center

Started clinic Prescription Assistance Program

Kathy Laird, RN

Waterfall Community Health Center

Advocate for medical care for the uninsured

Michael Lanza, MD

Provided greenhouse to Myrtle Crest School to support healthy eating and reduce obesity

Judy Moody, Director

Woman’s Safety & Resource Center

Support for services to prevent intimate partner violence in our community

Debbie Webb

Coos County Friends of Public Health

Provided services through the Living Well Program for people with chronic conditions


Susan Chaney, CNM

Bay Area Hospital

Advocat4e for pregnant and parenting families

Don Luce

South Coast Striders

Connected individuals to hiking on the south coast

Stephanie Polizzi, RD

Oregon State Extension Office

Collaboration with Health Department Tobacco Prevention program about tobacco use policy at Coos County Fair

John Sweet & Elizabeth Day

Ford Family Foundation & The Mudd family Foundation

Support for Ready to Smile Program


Judy McMakin, Director

Coos County Commission on Children and Families

Early childhood education programs at health department

Barbara Eakley

Bandon Community Health Center

Developed cook book to raise funds for health care

Astrid Diepenbroeck

Coos County Health Department

Provided services in the Ready to Smile program for school age children

Pat Ciccarelli & Carla Fellows

South Coast Head Start

Brought Early Head Start to Coos County, serving pregnant women, infants and young children

Jenifer Stephens & Jeff McKeown, Mayor

City of Coos Bay

Smoke free parks in Coos bay

Julia Willis, Administrator

Coquille Tribal Community Fund trustees

Support for Coos County Public Health programs


Mary Schamehorn, Mayor

City of Bandon

First city in Coos County with smoke free parks

Lindi Quinn

Bay Area Zonta Club

Organizing Mother’s Day walk

Dan Bissell

Coos County Health Department

Emergency Preparedness

Crystal Shojii

Coos Bay North Bend Rotary

Support for CaCoon Program for medically fragile children

Mindy Dean

Bree’s Upscale Resale

Provided mammograms and information on breast health

H1N1 Response Team:

Angie Webster, RN and Karen Brown, RN, Coos Bay; Tim Amato, RN and Carrie Bohanan, RN, North Bend; Donna Martz, RN, Myrtle Point; Peggy Jennings, RN, Coquille; also Ellen Baldwin, Powers and Diane Buche, Bandon.

Coos County Health Department & School Nurses

Flu immunizations for community and schools


Rita Hoover, RN

Bay Area Hospital

Diabetes Education with South Coast Diabete4s Association

Jim Wathen, CEO

Southern Coos Hospital

Fist hospital with smoke free campus

Angie Webster, RN

Melissa Grimes, RN

Coos Bay School District

Improving dental health in grade school children

Kelley Rowe, Director

North Bend Medical Center

Provided health education and outreach with health coalitions

Kathy Cooley, RN

Coos County Health Department

Healthy Start parenting education program


Carolyn Jacobson, RN

Coos County Healthy Start Program

Birth family screening

Renee’ Menkens, RN

Southwestern Oregon Community College

Coos County Public Health Family Planning Advisory Board

Lonnie Scarborough, Director

Southern Coos Hospital

Community flu shots

Ingrid Tyson, RN
Shannon Weybright, RN

School Based Health Center at Marshfield High School

Joanne Verger, Senator

Oregon State Legislature

Legislation to expand Oregon bottle bill and healthy snacks in schools