Read About the Six Superstars Recognized by the

Coos County Friends of Public Health

The six Superstars represent 5 local organizations that are vital for maintaining the physical and mental health of the community. The recipients are: Patrick Wright, from Operation Rebuild Hope; Kim Singh, from the Coos County Emergency Response Team (CERT); Phillip Nel and Michael Burton, from the Coos County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC); Bernarda Liggett, from Coos Elderly Services; and Dale Hodges from the South Coast Together Steering Committee.

Their Superstar awards were presented by Coos County Friends of Public Health (CCFoPH) board members in a private awards ceremony held at the studio of the Coos Community Media Center. Traditionally the awards ceremony has taken place at an April luncheon honoring the recipients, but the luncheon was postponed, and later cancelled due to concerns over COVID-19.

In the video below you can skip ahead to see the specific presentations to each of these superstars:

00:00-02:32 Introduction, Frances Smith, President, Coos County Friends of Public Health

02:32-09:02 Patrick Wright, Operation Rebuild Hope

09:02-13.36 Kim Singh, Coos County CERT

13:36-19:20 Phillip Nel and Michael Burton, Medical Reserve Corps

19:20-26:25 Bernarda Liggett, Coos Elderly Services

26:25-28.51 Dale Hodges, Southcoast Together

28:51-End Cathy Cooley, Coos Health & Wellness, Interim Public Health Administrator

View a video of the awards presentation below.

The 2020 Superstars are all people who have contributed to Public Health through their organizations and have made significant differences in our community.

Patrick Wright is the founder of Operation Rebuild Hope, a Coos County organization serving veterans who suffer from mental health and homelessness issues as they return to civilian life. Operation Rebuild Hope offers support, and fast-tracked housing solutions for those in need. They provide both short and long-term housing solutions and have received three small homes that will become affordable Veterans housing. Find more information at

Kim Singh is the President of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact the Coos County Area). CERT offers a consistent, nationwide approach to volunteer training that builds skills so that those volunteers enhance our ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Learn more at

Phillip Nel, Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager for Coos Health and Wellness, and coordinator of the Coos County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and Michael Burton, Vista Volunteer, MRC, have gone the extra mile to build and maintain our Medical Reserve Corps presence in Coos County. They develop trainings for MRC members, seek funding, and work with county and state government to assure Coos County is well versed in disaster management. and that our MRC is ready to serve, when and if, needed. or

Bernarda Liggett is the Director of Client Services for Coos Elderly Services, which serves vulnerable people needing assistance in managing financial affairs. “Vulnerable people” include the elderly, and others of all ages who are physically or developmentally disabled or are suffering from mental disorders. Bernarda joined Coos Elderly Services in 1996 as Executive Assistant, and over the years has served in many positions. She takes great pride in the fact that Coos Elderly Services continues their mission of promoting the dignity and security of people who need financial management assistance. Learn more about Coos Elderly Services at

Dale Hodges is a very active member of the South Coast Together Steering Committee, a group that has been instrumental in Coos and Curry Counties providing training for local agencies and community members about adverse childhood experiences (known as ACEs), which have shown to be powerful determinants over the public’s health. By educating the public, and preventing ACEs, organizations like South Coast Together help foster a healthier society for generations to come. More information is available at